Apart from family, I feel that education is one of the most important things in growing up. My Niece Alyssa and Nephew Brenden are 5 years old and live over 1100 miles away. I devloped My-Learning Center to be a more influential part of their lives.

My-Learning Center is simple. They login and answer questions like "What Upper Case letter comes after B?" they select their answer from a dropdown box and get a point when they select the correct answer. Then they go to the next question. Since they have not learned to read yet, I have integrated a text reader to allow them to listen to the questions.

I started with the letters in the alphabet and numbers from 0 to 100. Then I added colors, shapes, fruit, animals and opposites. I plan to add more execies as they become more perficient with the ones provided.

They do this until they have completed enought points to earn the prize that they choose. I varify that the points were earned and send them their prize. I try to stress to them that this is a Prize not a Gift. The difference is that they have earned this.

I choose the prizes that they can select from and the number of points for each prize. I can also change how much a question is worth, there by challenging them to work harder for questions that have gotten easer for them.

It is fun to see them on face time playing with prizes I sent them and they earned.

If you would like to add someone you care about to this site, Please fill out the Form I provided on the Contact us tab. I will contact you after I have created the logins you need to get started.

I hoped to inspire them to continue to learn and at the same time feel a sense of earning something for themselves.

Thank you in advance for your time.